You are the best of my creations Allah says. He emphasizes on how much he loves you 70 times more then a mother does. He then talks about the test everyone will have to endure “Do you think that you will not be tested?” He then talks about the heaven and earth. “Garden of Bliss”. He repeateldy states to remember him. in life many times we will fall and many more times we will stand ourself up. There is always hope. even in the darkest of time. Like the saying goes, “When you give up on everythin, a ray of hope always awaits your calling.” you see so much in life and have to go through so much too. think of it like a blessing. you have to endure so much so early. InshAllah the time to come will be of ease and enjoyment. Always smile. it puts roses on your cheeks 🙂 plus the more you smile… the prettier you look 😉


~ by ongoingfaith on May 26, 2010.

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