Who am i to judge when the judger of all judges is watching over me; very closely. If I make a mistake, his judgement will be carried out on me. Reality is having your eyes opened to what is not comforting to your eyes. this is just my perception. your’s can be different. i grew up very early. you speak of death as if it has no meaning, dont do that to yourself. death is painful and that pain carries out onto people. life is beautiful. i dont know why it’s beautiful but it is and i choose it to be that way. faith keeps a person going and hope derives a soul. Everyone of us have flaws in us. flaws come and go. why do we have flaws? we are not perfect beings nor we can ever be. we realize we have flaws, we are open to reality. what is reality? imagine freedom. imagine a life so perfect you will never you will never have to kneel down and raise your hands. you talk of tears and pain. there is no greater pain then to be rejected by Allah’s mercy and him never answering you call. tears are joy when you think of him and call onto him. he may not respond to everything but do not be discouraged. All the prayers are being collected and saved for the here after. i stand tall but i look down becuase i know where my place is keep your feet on the ground but eyes on the sky where there is no end. Enjoy life to the fullest it might diminish the next second or next day or next month. precisely we know it will end at some point. if there are flaws in your life know they can be froced. If not today, tomorrow. flaws take time to fix. What is perfection? I love me. a direct statement. i spent many years neglecting my life. Why? i did not achieve anything. I grew out of it because i could’nt take it anymore. My anger taught me a few things. I was in denial. i was scared of the reality. i was not ready to come out of my corner. my life. my decision. i choose to be happy because i have to be.


~ by ongoingfaith on May 26, 2010.

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