How wonderful is life when you dont even know who you are. It’s a childhood taht passes so fast, then reality hits and what do you know. life takes you, and you’re on the ground. what i lack now is what i am to do not what i am to know. what is the objective truth? i construct a world in which i do not live but survive on the socities view. i recognize my soul as sahara desert’s thirst for water. i walk a path many already have and i do not understand. my ignorance is substantially grown so deep into lonliness, i am caught up with lies and i no longer see any butterflies. i do not know me anymore. i effectively do not know what i want. i can smile and have my eyes run dry.
I no longer have the willingness to walk. i choose to make choices but i am not free. i lost my vision then i will soon loose my mind. i am without excuses. i am fearfull. i am a hypocryte. i wander around in search of me and then i get stuck. i do not know who i am, what then i look for?I see myself tied up and scared to speak up. i sit and cry and i dont feel any pain. i ask myself questions just to realize i am insane. am I? i lack friends, for i do not reach out. i fly away and before i know it im thrown on the ground by my own weight. i have responsibility but i have no more freedom. my absolute freedom only lies in my mind. i am happy to be alone. i like my existence that i am a surviver. i have given up but i suffer and i am ok with it. i too will die someday. it’s a natural process of life!!

Im HaPyY…i lOvE————> iM sAd
I haVe No FeElInGs
I aM alIve…I SmILe———-> I WiLl dIe
i Am CrYiNG


~ by ongoingfaith on May 26, 2010.

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