I wake up with hope in my heart wanting to be loved. I spend myself in day dreamin,then when night falls i get my heart broken; once again. I was taken down. i had no intentions of breaking your heart but you broke mine repeatedly. you use me for however long you need me then you decide to throw me away. I’ve been patient all along and now i too will not be kind. Ive been leninent towards you but know now i will too leave you. i am now in peace i do not have to love you just to have my heart broken, What do you think? is it me or you who is so unfaithful only i would know for now you have lost realization. You repeatedly break my heart and i repeatedly love you back. I never had any bad intentions but i do not know about you either. what is love without haveing a heart broken and still fall back? what does your heart tell you?


~ by ongoingfaith on May 26, 2010.

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